Sitting inside overnight and keeping a distance from everyone, as if it were nothing. Even a high five or hug is no longer possible. No drinks on the terrace, no skating in good weather, and no wild party evenings.

Suddenly it is all no longer possible.

Your party hardies, fitness friends, soccer buddy’s and your best friends, all your relationships are affected by this.
No birthday will ever be the same. The biggest question most probably have is …

What now?

Not only do you notice that you see the people you care about less, you have to treat each other differently.

Take John as an example. John is on a soccer team with friends. Together with Devon he played football every Thursday evening. A high five or pat on the back for a goal, how different it is now. Nothing is no longer without a risk.

Sarah and Lisa, two best friends who met every day and went on a carefree weekend in Rotterdam. It is no longer possible, only a meter and a half away.

See how to keep that up at a party, after a few beers.


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